Free Gift & Discount

We will provide different discounts on different promotion days, and which is up to 100% off!

1. Free Gift
When your amount reaches the amount we set for free gift, we will carefully wrap the free gift in your package. Don't forget to add it to your cart when you reach the amount to claim a free gift. If you forget, we won't resend it for you.

2. Discount
Daily product discounts will appear from time to time, please pay attentign to our website to enjoy discounts.

3. Calculation of Free Gift and Discount
At the time of checkout, we're generating a unique discount code that makes sure that the exact combination of products is added to checkout that discounts the total value by that exact amount. It will apply your free gift discount and other discounts proportionally to each product, the actual discount has been applied exactly. Please do not confused about this.